Full service coffee solution - leave everything coffee to us!

Paulig Professional full service provides everything necessary to offer an enjoyable coffee moment: from quality beans to reliable machines and expert service. 

We do not just sell products: we want our customers to succeed in their business. It all starts with an in-depth understanding of the customer's needs. We provide full coffee solutions to offices, cafes, restaurants, but also shops and gas stations. 

From our comprehensive portfolio we tailor the total solution that best suits each customer's needs and circumstances, including not only high-quality coffee but also everything else that is needed to provide a wonderful coffee experience . Get in touch and we will find the best coffee solution for your company!

Paulig full service coffee solutions: 

Coffee solutions for food service  (HoReCa)

We supply restaurants and cafés with reliable and comprehensive coffee services, allowing them to produce genuine and enjoyable coffee experiences. 

What kind of coffee and coffee machine is best for you? Do you need a coffee training for your employees? We will work with you to analyse your outlet's needs, operating environment and coffee consumption volume in order to recommend the most suitable overall solution.

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Coffee solutions for offices

Paulig Professional offers an easy, gentle coffee break for your working day. A cup of coffee is a sacred thing to us.

Our experts will help you choose just the coffee you like, and the coffee machine and coffee station solution that best suits your office based on the number of users and the purpose of the premises. Whether your space is a lobby, meeting room or a personnel coffee station, we will find the perfect coffee solution for your needs.

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