Full service

Full service is an effortless way of enjoying quality coffee, other hot drinks and fresh water. Besides vending machines, the package includes high-quality products, the necessary peripherals, and maintenance.

High-quality products

Paulig is known for its quality coffee. The same aim is shared by the Paulig Professional equipment team. The products in use are acquired from trusted partners and the selection only includes branded goods with the highest standards. Every product must pass careful quality tests before being included in our range.

Reliable coffee machines

We ensure the continuous operation of our machines with preventive scheduled maintenance operations. Servicing and maintenance actions are carried out without delay by our personnel. In between scheduled maintenance operations we keep a regular eye on the equipment. Customers can easily make maintenance requests by telephone or online. Our machines make every cup using fresh water and maintaining product quality. Quality is also ensured by regular cleaning of the machines.

Dedicated service team

A dedicated service team is appointed to look after servicing and preventive maintenance. The team members receive training in working on the customer's premises and servicing the equipment as agreed. The team is led by a service manager. The team members are experts in servicing and maintaining drink machines, and they all hold hygiene certifications. They maintain their proficiency by attending internal and external training sessions, often arranged by the equipment manufacturers.

Tracking and reporting

The Paulig Professional  team keeps an eye on the functioning and consumption of the coffee equipment remotely and submits reports at agreed intervals on matters such as each machine's consumption and the dates and numbers of maintenance visits.

In addition you can get the water filtering service in connection with all service solutions. If you choose this service, we will always change your water filter to a new one during scheduled maintenance. A high-quality water filter guarantees clean water and a high-quality drink, and minimises interruptions due to build-up of limescale in the coffee machine.
Even if you have not bought a service solution from us, you can still enjoy high-quality drinks. Minimise interruptions from limescale building up in the machine, as well as service costs, by choosing our water filter delivery service. If you choose this service, we will send you at agreed intervals, a new filter specified for your machine. The filter head is always installed together with the installation of the machine, so all you need to do is change the filter cartridge.