High-quality coffee is at the heart of everything we do. The Paulig Institute is a pioneer in the Finnish coffee sector, and provides expert training. We will assist you in developing your business and producing coffee-coloured success stories. Attend a course on our premises to hear about the journey of coffee from the bean to the cup, to learn the correct ways of brewing coffee, to receive tips and ideas to support your business, and to stay up to date on news in the coffee world. Our training calendar also includes online barista training!

Especially at the Paulig Barista Institute, where you learn by trying and doing yourself. The institute was established in 1980 in Finland and today it operates in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Russia, Latvia and Lithuania.

We train over 3 000 coffee professionals yearly.

Institute is our training unit that invites all coffee professionals to join to the international barista community which our trainers host.

More information about our Barista Institute you can find here