Just T No. 3 Double chamber bag Fruit Tea Sweet Berry 25pcs

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Product code
Black tea infused with a rich berry flavour derived from black currant and bramble leaves, and fruit juice concentrate from real fruit.
Legal name of the ingredient
Flavoured fruit tea blend with black currant flavour
Sale Package Size
1 pac
List of ingredients
Hibiscus, apple components, rosehip shell, sweet blackberry leaves, black currant flavour, 0.3% dried black currant juice concentrate (corresponds to 1.5% black currant juice) apple, elderberry, orange zest
Storage conditions
Store in a cool & dry place.
Name and address of business operator
Oy Gustav Paulig Ab PL 15, 00981 Helsinki Satamakaari 20, 00980 Helsinki Finland
Instructions to use
Pour boiling water over one
tea bag per cup and allow to infuse for 5
Information of packing
Biodegradable tea bag, string and tag
Delivery in 2-5 business days

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