Cold coffee, new and different brewing methods and a wide selection of beverages are growing global trends.

 Cold Brew Coffee is the fastest growing product in coffee beverages. Because customers are constantly on the look-out for new experiences and ways to pamper themselves, let's offer them Cold Brew Coffee!

What is Cold Brew? 

Cold brew coffee is a smooth and less acidic coffee prepared with the cold brew process of steeping ground coffee in cold water. IIn order to prepare Cold Brew it should be left for the brewing proccess for for 14-16 hours in room temperature. After, Cold brew is served chilled with ice and with optional milk and sugar. 

A roasted coffee bean contains many compounds that are extracted during the brewing process. Some of those compounds, including certain oils and fatty acids, are soluble only at a high temperature. During the cold brew process, coffee beans are never exposed to high temperature (this only occurs after a rich liquid coffee concentrate has been produced).

Cold Brew in the world

Cold Brew Coffee is the fastest growing product in coffee beverages. Todd Simpson, the inventor of the Toddy Cold Brew method, found already in the 1960s that cold brewed coffee has a low acid content, a balanced, soft and even slightly sweet flavour.

Several leading coffee and tea houses, including Seattle's Best, Barnie's, Gloria Jean's and several hundred others throughout the world, have used cold brew and make their best-selling iced coffee drinks.  

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