Improve your customer service and customer satisfaction for all kinds of restaurants, cafe's, bars, DUS, and waiting areas.

 Our  solution includes the coffees, coffee machine, supplies and coffee station:

Customer satisfaction

Increase customer loyalty with satisfied customers. 

Fulfil local and international tastes by bringing wider coffee variety. 

Paulig Professional 

We supply restaurants and cafés with reliable and comprehensive coffee services, allowing them to produce genuine and enjoyable coffee experiences. We will work with you to analyse your outlet's needs, operating environment and coffee consumption volume in order to recommend the most suitable overall solution.

Whatever your need - a high-performing coffee machine for a coffee shop, an automatic coffee machine for a restaurant or another type of coffee solution for professional needs - you can find everything you need from one service provider. Or maybe you're looking for a good coffee grinder, the tastiest coffee beans or barista supplies? We also have all the additional products you need. Paulig Professional also provides support for sales promotion material. This gives you the opportunity to serve your customers in the best possible way.

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