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At Paulig we are proud of our culture that is based on our three values that were found by our employees: Stay Curious, Strive for Excellence and Grow Together. Our common culture, our way of doing and creating things together we call the Paulig Way. We are over 2000 professionals working in 13 different countries. We are always looking for engaged people to become part of our family of great taste and who can help us on our journey into the new! Join us in the Journey at Paulig!

Committed and engaged employees is the most important ingredient in building our future into the new. At Paulig we regularly measure employee engagement, commitment and quality of leadership and the results show that our engagement levels are very strong within Paulig.

  • Talent: Our goal is to strengthen employees' capabilities, competences and skills by offering opportunities for knowledge sharing and competence development. With our Group-wide performance management process we aim to ensure that strategy is successfully executed. The process ensures that our employees have regular opportunities to discuss their performance and personal development. In our internal educational programs Taste Academy and Bean Society our employees acquire knowledge around taste and possibility to train and develop their coffee wisdom in order to ensure we continue to have the best know-how and to spread the word about great taste.

  • Culture: Our culture the Paulig Way is the way do and create things around here. Our values are a stable part of our culture and each year Value Ambassadors are chosen from among nominations placed by Paulig Group employees. We continuously develop wellbeing activities for the whole Group focusing on physical, mental and social wellbeing. The aim is to locally support our employees to be energised before, during and after the workday and to enjoy working at Paulig.

  • Leadership: Leadership skills are a key factor for the success of the entire organisation, and we put a lot of effort into the development of managerial work and leadership culture.

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