Thermoplan BLACK & WHITE4 CTM2 PF RL automatic coffee machine, cocoa and flavor units, 9L refrigerator

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Thermoplan BLACK&WHITE4 is a full automatic coffee machine that brings together excellent product quality, high performance and innovation for peak performance. The Black&White4 can be perfectly configured for all different customer needs in different locations - restaurants, fast food restaurants, petrol stations, bakeries, convenience stores, catering, co-working spaces, offices and work places. This coffee machine with a 9 liter refigerator, cocoa and syrup flavour station creates high quality espressos, cappuccinos, lattes and cold coffee drinks in high volume locations. All coffee is prepared from fresh beans, one cup at a time in a touch of a button. High quality cold or hot milk foam is made from fresh milk. With two bean containers you can choose your own bean for espresso and for filter coffee. The bean containers are equipped with fans that cool the beans while maintaining their freshness. Stainless steel coffee grinder’s guarantee even grinding after many years of use. Ease of use comes with a 10"" LCD touch screen that can be programmed with 8 or 12 products of your choice. From the screen, you can follow the drinks and choose to display ads or other content. Thermoplan Black&White -series has a modular design, which enables quick and cost-effective maintenance of the machine. The maintenance-requiring module can be replaced quickly and the service itself is performed at Paulig's premises, allowing coffee to be served uninterrupted.
90 kg
0.297 m3
600 mm
768 mm
645 mm
Machiner levereras inom en 2-3 vecka.

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