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The blend of 2080 – coffee without coffee


“This is a product we never want to make again.” Welcome to the future that none of us wants. But luckily it can be avoided.

Entire community behind coffee


Sourcing Manager Anna spends a year experiencing how coffee is produced around the world. Read Anna's greetings from Nicaragua!

878 years for the love of good coffee and a passion for the people who cultivate it


International Coffee Partners (ICP) consists of seven family-owned companies that have a joint vision to make smallholder coffee farmers competitive in order to sustainably improve their living conditions. This mission is supported by combined coffee experience of 878 years. Coffee division's Sustainability Manager Seija Säynevirta writes about the work of ICP in Brasil.



Sourcing Manager Anna spends a year experiencing first-hand how coffee is produced around the world. Read Anna’s greetings from Peru!

If not us, who?


Preventing climate change means changing our current courses of action. Elisa Markula, Managing Director of Paulig’s Coffee Division, discusses the issue in light of the Bonn Climate Change Conference starting this week.

Harnessing the collective power for the bright future of coffee


Paulig, Fairtrade and coffee farmers work together towards sustainable development in Ethiopia. Read more from Coffee division's Sustainability Manager Seija Säynevirta's blog.

Test driving packages made of renewable raw materials with renewable energy


First successful test drive for a packaging material containing renewable raw...

Set an example – make a difference


We must fight climate change. Millions of people and businesses flashed their lights at climate change on Saturday 25 March to mark the WWF’s Earth Hour challenge.

In an era of virtual communications, real encounters complete the message


Today, brands compete for consumers’ attention in many different channels. That’s why it is important to be present where the consumers are, which increasingly means the internet and social media. Yet we still need to meet each other face to face.