Thermoplan Black&White 4C CTM2 RS coffee machine 4L with fridge

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With this high quality coffee machine you are able to make hot and cold coffee drinks. The Thermoplan full automatic coffee machines are well known Swiss quality. Thermoplan Black & White 4 Compact is the newest model of the Black & White –range, with 7" touch screen.
Coffee machine has two bean hoppers. One container holds approx. 1,5 kg beans and larger 2,2 kg hoppers are available as accessory. Black & White 4C is more compact than previous models. With this full automatic coffee machine you are able to create high quality filter coffee, espresso, cappuccino and other even more special coffee drinks. Perfect milkfoam with small bubbles has been the trademark of Black & White –line.

Black & White 4C has multiple small improvements from previous models, like energy effiency, multiple drinks in line for the coffeeshop & restaurant environment. Black & White 4C can be delivered with flavour station or with Twin Tower configuration. There is also a cupholder available. Due to the Thermoplans module structure, the service of the machine is easy and efficient.
Country of origin
Gross Weight
56 kg
0.154 m3
600 mm
398 mm
645 mm
Laitteet toimitetaan noin 2-3 viikon sisällä tilauksen vastaanottamisesta.