By serving high-quality coffee at a comfortable coffee station, you ensure that your customer has a pleasant experience at your shop or waiting area. 

Good coffee makes people hang around longer, which eventually shows in your turnover.

Improve your customer service and customer satisfaction with a good coffee solution that includes the coffees, coffee machine, supplies and coffee station for all kinds of shops and waiting areas. In addition, you can easily increase your sales with coffee services: your customers will stay in your shop for longer and will find more things to buy with a delicious coffee in hand. Easily serve fresh coffee from fresh beans, one cup at a time, simply by pressing a button. There is also various sales promotion materials available for your coffee area if needed.

We have created an easy coffee solution for shops and waiting areas. It covers your every need, including the machine, the ingredients, accessories and service contracts. Have a look at our MyMoment concept for Office and Store customers!

Have a look at our coffee solutions!


Customer loyalty

A satisfied customer has a positive attitude towards your company, is loyal and will return.


Winning new customers

High-quality coffee makes you stand out from your competition. A good service experience is memorable and will result in recommendations to friends.

Vaikuttavia tekoja

Actions with impact

Building responsible business together. By choosing Paulig, you improve the life of the coffee farmer. One cup at a time!


Customer satisfaction

A satisfied customer spends more time and money at the shop and is ready to pay more for good service.

Good coffee is part of a high-quality service experience. Offer your customer coffee shop-quality hot beverages from our automatic coffee machines and cold water from our water dispenser. A premium quality coffee station leaves customers delighted and makes them come back for more. A wide choice of payment systems is available for the coffee machines. We always give training on the use of the equipment in connection with installation. 

Coffee equipment for shops

Our competent Paulig Professional experts will help you choose and design the coffee solution that best suits your space, including everything such as high-quality coffees, supplies, and  maintenance service.