Create job satisfaction through good coffee. Employees recharge their batteries, meet and greet, and talk about business and leisure over a cup of coffee. A good coffee break demands good coffee. The best coffee break comprises quality coffee, a well-functioning coffee machine and a pleasant break environment.

Paulig Professional will help you choose the most suitable coffee solution for your workplace. Save the time spent on making coffee for more profitable work and offer your employees delicious cups of coffee at any time of day. A Paulig Professional coffee solution will keep your employees and guests going. Our selection includes coffee machines for all kinds of businesses: a high-end automatic coffee machine or an efficient brewer for an office or workplace where coffee is served.

 We have created an easy coffee solution for offices. It covers your every need, including the machine, the ingredients, accessories and service contracts.

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 MyMoment   Would you like to upgrade your office's coffee breaks to Premium level? Have a look at our MyMoment concept!

MyMoment-coffee by Paulig


“When the coffee machine was installed, the employees praised it highly with positive feedback.”

 Solita Solita Solita


What kind of coffee breaks do employees take at your workplace? We asked Solita*, our Premium customer, if they were happy with Paulig's Premium concept.

     “Please provide honest feedback on the solution.”
     “We have been very happy that we don't need to make coffee with a regular Moccamaster anymore. The equipment [Thermoplan automatic coffee machine] is very easy to use.”

     “What kind of coffee breaks do people take at your office?”
     “The employees can decide when to take a coffee break. Work satisfaction has improved at the workplace, at least when it comes to coffee-making equipment and coffee quality.”

     *Laura Mikkonen, Solita.

Solita is using a fully automatic Thermoplan machine and Paulig Special Espresso and Medium coffee beans designed for automatic machines. Our Premium solutions always include freshly ground coffee and real milk to soften the flavour. We have designed an easy package for offices. In addition to coffee and the equipment, the package includes everything you need: tea and other supplies, equipment maintenance, support and our newsletter. 


MyMoment   Responsible Office coffee!

 In our coffee solutions, we always take into account responsibility and the environment. Ask our salespersons more about responsible coffee and the origin of coffee. We also consider the operations of the suppliers, the environment and looking after the employees when buying and transporting equipment.