Responsible coffee solutions


For Paulig, responsibility has been one of the cornerstones of the business since the 19th century, when the young Gustav Paulig made quality and expertise the core of all actions. Paulig is committed to promoting wellbeing throughout the coffee chain, from bean to cup. Our responsibility work emphasises our own personnel, product safety, the environmental friendliness of our production, and our operations in the coffee procurement chain.


Responsible operations

We develop and select our products with environmental matters in mind. According to our principles, products should be safe, energy-efficient, sparing of natural resources and possible to recycle or to dispose of safely. Our maintenance vehicles have low emissions.

Responsible products

Paulig Professional is a responsible buyer of raw materials. As a coffee buyer, Paulig is aware of its responsibility for the entire production chain, from the countries of origin to the consumer. Our coffee purchases follow the principles of ethical procurement. We take into account the ways in which coffee is grown in the countries of origin.  We make sure we know about the origins of our coffee and support sustainable development by using coffees with responsibility certificates (UTZ Certified, Fair Trade, Organic).

Change through action

Besides price and quality, we pay attention to the environmental impact of products throughout their life cycles.

We provide our customers with reliable information on our products’ environmental properties and pass on our customers’ wishes to suppliers. We strive to get all our suppliers and subcontractors to abide by sustainability principles, asking them to change their ways if necessary.