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Coffee and coffee breaks are an important part of office culture and the coffee station is often the company's heart. The coffee machine is where you refresh yourself, catch up with colleagues and wish visitors welcome.

High-quality coffee, a coffee machine and a well-functioning coffee station make for a pleasant workplace. A break from work is good for efficiency and mental wellbeing. When everything you need for a coffee is conveniently available, your coffee break will go smoothly.

Our experts will help you choose just the coffee you like, and the coffee station solution that best suits your office based on the number of users and the purpose of the premises. Whether your space is a lobby, meeting room or a personnel coffee station, you will find the perfect coffee solution for your needs from us.

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A coffee break has so many positive impacts 

work satisfaction

Coffee breaks have made a comeback at offices. Taking a break invigorates workers amid their busy day, improving wellbeing at work.


Relaxed and energised employees make fewer mistakes. Coffee breaks also improve productivity and concentration.

positive image

The quality of the coffee and the experience are like a calling card for a visitor. A nice cup of coffee leaves the mind buzzing with delight.

impressive actions

Building responsible business together. By choosing Paulig, you improve the life of the coffee grower. One cup at a time!

Put these tips to use when planning your coffee station!

•  You should select the right automatic coffee machine for your space. For example, a coffee shop-quality cappuccino is a great way to welcome visitors in your lobby. The correct choice of coffee machine prevents congestion at the coffee station.

•  If there are more than ten coffee drinkers, we recommend an automatic coffee machine over a coffee-maker.

•  About one third of coffee made by glass decanter machines is poured down the drain, whereas there is no wastage for automatic coffee machines.

•  Fresh milk can be used in an automatic coffee machine and the grinder grinds enough coffee beans for one cup at a time. This means that the coffee is as fresh as can be.

•  The automatic coffee machine is always set up for the selected coffee type and our senior taster is always involved in the setting up of each coffee machine. Our trained service personnel will make sure that the coffee machine is always correctly set up before installation.

Recommended equipment for serving coffee house -quality coffees at the office

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