Espresso consuption is increasing - be part of the success story!

In Paulig we have always loved to get to know different tastes and cultures. Inspired by different coffee moments, our espressos bring pleasant, soft flavors with rememberable aftertastes!

 Dark roasted coffees, espressos and beans are the fastest growing coffee segments for espresso consumption at home has risen over 40 % from 2012.* Espresso is a mysterious drink. Not so many people really know what it is, how it is made or even what it should taste like. But espresso done right, is wonderful.  Learn everything you need to know about coffee and espressos with our internationally certified training experts! (* Nielsen Finland Homescan 2014)

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Inspired by Italy. Roasted by Paulig. Served by a barista.

Espresso drinks

Mint choco Honey Chili choco


Good coffee is like a good wine…

 to produce it needed a lot of knowledge, experience, skill, and  above all, passion. The soil, climate, growing season along with the type of roast imparts flavors to the beans. Also like wine, you may taste the nuances described yet simply know that you like it. Coffee is incorruptible and unique natural product.  Each coffee has a soul and own taste that charms.


 Here is an example, how you can describe espressos:

 PAULIG ESPRESSO BARISTA: Intense and balanced combination of sweet, bitter and sour.

 ORIGIN: The bean, grown in the lush and warm environment of Mogiana Brazil, gives this blend its sweetness while the rich nuanced beans come from the volcanic soil of Huehuetenango in Guatemala. A pinch of Indian Robusta adds body and bitterness to balance the blend.


How should we talk to people about coffee (and improve customer service)?

Just like food and wine form flavour pairings, dessert and (espresso) coffee complement one another. Introduce a coffee and dessert combination in your restaurant's menu or choose flavour pairs as themes for the coffee served at your office's weekly meeting! Describe the coffee, its taste and origin to the customer, and recommend the right dessert to go with it. Coffee and its pairs are also good to serve to customers visiting your office and for special occasions. For example, the previously introduced Paulig Espresso Barista goes well with chocolate desserts, such as mud cake and chocolate fondant. Paulig Professional can help with finding good taste pairings and creating espresso descriptions and customised marketing materials.

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 You'll also find professional espresso machines in our selection. Have a look at our superautomatic espresso machines for coffee shops and offices and our manual espresso machines for baristas.  Our salespeople will help you choose the correct machine for each use.