Coffee, machines and support for Food Service professionals

We want to help you make money with coffee and, at the same time, serve your customers in the best way possible. When all the details are right, it's easy to produce the perfect coffee experience.

We chart the needs of your location, the environment and coffee volumes together and base our recommendation for a coffee solution for you on these.

Our comprehensive service includes everything, including high-quality coffee, equipment designed for professional use, the concepts and sales promotion materials. We also provide training for your personnel in things related to coffee.

You are welcome to come and learn more about our solutions and concepts for professional use!

Improving the customer experience and generating profitable growth together

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More sales

Our broad product selection and inspiring ideas support you in sales promotion and attracting new customers.



If you serve high-quality Paulig coffee to your customers, they get value for their money and the image of your business improves.

More customers

Better customer experience

A satisfied customer spends more time and money, is prepared to pay for good service and comes again for return business.

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Actions with impact

Building a responsible business together. By choosing Paulig, you will improve the livelihood of the coffee grower. Cup at a time!

Professional coffee equipment

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Or by calling or emailing our professional sales team. Our contact information can be found here.

Our SCA certified professionals at your service

All Paulig Professional sales, marketing and maintenance personnel and machine operators have completed the SCA Barista Skills Foundation course, which gives them good skills to, for example, detect any flavour flaws in the coffee made with the customer's equipment.

The Paulig Barista Institute is currently the only organiser of SCA training in Finland. Check out our training here.

SCA, or the Specialty Coffee Association, is the leading  organisation of coffee professionals around the world that aims to improve awareness of high-quality coffees and increase coffee-making expertise.

Contact our professional sales team for any coffee related topics!

Get to know our concepts 

You can trust our solutions to be state of the art as we follow new coffee trends all the time and develop our concepts accordingly.

Whatever your needs, our extensive product selection offers a solution that includes not only high-quality coffee, but also everything else needed for a great coffee experience.