French morning coffee Café au lait

The most delicious morning coffee ”Café au lait” is created from dark Parisien roast and steamed milk. Impress your clients and co-operators at the office with serving them a French style coffee!

 Paulig Parisien is a French style coffee blend with a very dark roast. A hint of Robusta gives the coffee a continental, strong aroma. Roast level 5. Paulig Parisien -coffee is UTZ Certified. This coffee which originates from France means literally ”coffee with milk”.


Preparing café au lait doesn’t require machine investments – it can be prepared with decanter brewer or french press. Just add warm milk and voilà! In a cafeteria café au lait brings variation to daily offering, and it works both for for morning coffee and brunch. It’s easy to create combos with food and differentiate from competitors. Offer café au lait with a croissant – c’est manifique!

 Dark roast bean grinded coffee demand is increasing. Consumers value fresh grinded coffees and that’s the reason we added Paulig Parisien coffee to our offering also as beans! You can order Café au lait sales support materials from our customer service.


Preparing café au lait and sales support materials!

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 Café au lait equipment