Coffee moment gives inspiration to your day

When you give a lot, you also deserve a lot in return. It's the little moment to myself - a break, just for me. I choose a cup of which ever coffee I like. I can already breathe easier. Now I'm ready to get back to work.

A good coffee break has it's clear benefits:

Coffee breaks are making a return to offices. Taking a break invigorates workers, improving wellbeing at work.

A relaxed and energized worker makes fewer mistakes. Coffee breaks improve productivity and concentration.

The quality of the coffee and the experience are like a business card for visitors. A nice cup of coffee leaves a positive image of the company.

Building sustainable businesses together. By choosing Paulig, you support the local farmer in the origin countries. One cup at the time!

My Moment by Paulig

Paulig Professional offers an easy, gentle coffee break for your working day. A cup of coffee is a sacred thing to us. And not just any coffee. Quality really matters. And when you know you're getting good stuff, you know you're valued.

Read more about coffee solutions for small and bigger offices from our MyMoment brochure and read about our reference customer cases!

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