We at Paulig Professional not only sell coffee and coffee-making equipment – we create coffee experiences. Whether your aim is to have a successful coffee shop or an invigorating coffee-making solution for your workplace, we can help you. Whatever your needs, our extensive product selection offers a solution that includes not only high-quality coffee, but also everything else needed for a great coffee experience.  

New coffee trends emerge all over the world, and we develop our concepts to be in tune with global trends. Learn about this summer's hit, our cold brew coffee concept. We supply everything needed for making cold brew coffee, including the coffee-making equipment and ingredients, as well as marketing materials that complete the solution.

Take a look at Paulig Professional concepts:
- Trendy cold brew coffee
- Delicious café au lait
- Get the most from espresso!
- MyMoment coffee breaks and premium solutions for offices 

If you're interested, you can order the necessary products direct from our online store. The marketing materials can be ordered through your Food Service or Office and Store salesperson or from Paulig Professional Supply Orders (Tarviketilaukset).


Examples of marketing materials of the Café au lait concept:

Parisien markkinointimateriaalejaParisien markkinointimateriaaleja