Cold brew

Cold Brew is the number one global trend!

This trend has arrived to Finland from the United States, where it has been a popular way to make coffee for many years now. Many coffee houses have included cold brew coffee in their selection in Finland this summer too. 

Cold brew coffee is made by brewing coffee in cold water for at least eight hours, whereas iced coffee sold at coffee shops is made from hot coffee that is cooled down with ice. The resulting smooth beverage has a low acid content and tastes naturally sweet. 
Enjoy the drink as it is, served with ice, or try it with, for example, vanilla or chocolate syrup!

More about the Cold Brew Coffee concept and instructions for making it.

Click on the images to find Cold Brew Coffee recipes:

 Cold Brew Coffee Caramel drink Cold Brew Coffee Coconut drink Cold Brew Irish Coffee drink

Cold Brew Coffee Vanilla drink Cold Brew Coffee Gin&Tonic drink Cold Brew Coffee Mint Chocolate drink


Watch the videos: how to make Cold Brew Coffee and the trendy Cold Brew Vanilla drink!




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